Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Loft Space Seasonal Calendar events

One area The Loft Space need to promote is their workshops and crafts fairs.  At the moment Janet produces A5 'lists' of events.

I started with a poster which folded into four with a 'calendar' format.  I had been using Palatino from the logo; at this stage I realised it would be useful to incorporate another Typeface. I chose Gill Sans a sans serif typeface.

By using the Gatefold format I was able to fit a lot more information on about the Loft Space, the workshops and how to get there

I also tidied up the type hierarchy some of the titles were in Palatino rather than Gill Sans.

I designed some leaflets with no bleed which would be suitable for Janet to print A4 on her own printer.  The Leaflets with bleed need to be printed A3 or sent for professional print so would be expensive and possibly out of budget.

To push the range further I also incorporated branded and seasonal bags and tags.  These would provide a method of pulling their whole shops product range together (They sell crafts from lots of different Designer Makers)

I also extended the logo to consider how it could work at festive period such as Christmas

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