Friday, 30 November 2012

Web Design


To view locked code.

Site Sucker

To view source code in Safari Browser
View/View Source

Different Browsers offer different views. A lot of source code includes corrective code for Internet Explorer  and other browsers. ie Opera , Safari, chrome,  Test website on PC/Internet Explorer set up to test websites on Internet Explorer (Has to be live though)

Test websites on every browser and every device.  Iphone, Blackberry, PC Mac. ( Simon charges £200 to have it tested). Simon goes down to Internet Explorer 6 Always design to the lowest common denominator.

Wordpress is a Content management System also create blogs and websites

Can be confusing for non-techncal websites

CushyCMS free with their branding/ mthly fee for your own.
Maximum of five sites on free version.

Uses Editable ranges from your Web Template.

Give [divclass-=cushycms] on your template

Add domain name
Add a customers details with their email address to create an account.
Sign up to Cushy and create a name and email address

To use Cushy need to add code in editable region on your tempalte if on every page or on each page if specific area eg  index .html:
<div class="cushycms">

To add your Domain name

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