Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Typo 2012 - Quotes

I want the tone of voice to be inspirational but also incorporate the theme of the conference which was 'Social'.  They could link in some way or tell a story?  Or just be random.

The design again could be run as a theme to hold them together or be completely random with maybe the layout holding them together.  My instinct is to go with a very structured gridded format for two reasons : This is something I want to practice and I think this approach will be respected by other Designers.

Rian Hughes 'the best way to kill an idea, is to have a better one.'

Patrick Cox  'How should design adapt to help create, rather than mirror a more useful society?'
 'Brands need to become more socially engaged with an ever smarter population'
'Social need not be polite. Sometimes need to cause a bit of friction especially when trying to show a change.'

If people want to get involved shouldn't have to be a prescribed way.  People doing something, involvement

Society cannot be propelled forward by single minds.  You need to have a great deal of trust with the people your working with.The Bauhaus understood you needed to have a collective to respond to your time.  This template has not fundamentally changed in terms of Social but we tend to remember the stuff that is easy to replicate we remember the form, rules and structure.

As designers and makers we need to constantly be looking to create more useful , productive and fluid relationships and keep a strong ambition to move these smart people and our socirty in a wonderful way.

Paula Scher ' All design is social. we design for people, we work with people. we effect the culture.'
The things I try really hard to do which is what we all want to do as designers is not to save the world but to try really hard to raise the expectation of what design can be.'

Rick Banks ' Work hard. Try to be be nice to people...and do everything and more, that is asked of me.'

Sean Mc Bride  on Web Design' Dont start with the old form and try to cram it into the new form' v Hoefler?

Tim Beard The Bibliotheque approach to social aspects of design is Dialogue. 
'The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory but progress.' 

Everyone gets to air their views regardless of their position no suprise that the studio is filled with dialogue and discussion.  Share work on the walls and a no head phone policy, its just more social.
A Social Studio - An Open plan studio without walls or boundaries, nothing gets compartmentalised this way The work surrounds us which penetrates our thinking and stimulates discussion and questions . Ideas bed in and develop  no headphones policy , promotes dialogue and exchange of views. 

Sara De Bondt

'Socially responsible design or  how to use less ink' patterned typeface futura

Simon Manchipp

" Clients need to understand that weird works; its what is remembered. No-one remembers the color of the carpet.'  
Compare the Market

Matthew Butterick " Solving problems is the lowest form of design investing your humanity is the highest.'

'Social media is insidious because they try to say they are not advertising as they want you to invest yourself.  and also it is expressively flat....promotes lazy consensus....we should instead seek out thoughtful criticism of our ideas.  Be mindful of Social Media's limitations and also mindful they are built on incentives that don't actually produce meaningful social values.'

'We often overlook how consequential it has been; working with the written word is a Noble and significant tradition"

Gerry Leondis
"typeface design is a mirror to the way people communicate with texts'

'In Africa the mobile phone network is the only way to see the news.'

'Don't rely too much on the form of things especially in the design world but try to ask yourself a different question. Ask why are things the way they are where are they going why are they making these decisions and how are we going to move forward from this.

Design and typography are responses to conditions.

APFEL 'One of the common threads that runs through our work is that we do have a sense of social commentary or response to the everyday world that we live in.

Ultimately as designers what we are interested in is people who are making some kind of social commentary in the way that they work or striving for an impact that way   As designers we are translatotrs, observationist, inquisitors and  we are always trying to learn something new. our work is  with and out of and for people that is something we  really value about our work.. its social aspect.

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