Friday, 9 November 2012

Design for Screen

Ask yourself three questions when designing a website:
1.  What is the purpose of the website
2.  Who is the target audience?
3.  What does the target audience need.

Freelance - remember your target audience is your clients not other Designers necessarily.

When you look at a website ask yourself these three questions - Does it fullfill all the criteria.  Whats you first reaction?

Simon's website

Always do a Scamp and wireframe(scamp with measurements) before opening up  Dreaweaver

Book recommendation HML & CSS Design & Build Websites John Duckett

There are always new challenges with web design for example with the new Retina display screen from Apple the screen resolution is 227dpi rather than the standard 96 dpi.

Basic html code

Dreamweaver opens a new document 

The <title>  the words at the top of the browser i.e. Design Practice


To create CSS which relates to Body

Type in 'body'
Space {

Add each setting on each line as it is a lot easier to track (dont have to do this can be writr all on one line)

Specify the font family 'F'

To close the setting ;

To close the Body }
Save the style sheet

Link the style sheet to html in the head tag by clicking the link tag in Dreamweaver

Select the CSS style sheet

Add in more variables

font -size

Specify color:

Limited web safe colour pallet
(Can chose web safe colours in Photoshop)

When you need a specific colour for a client 
Cocacola will have their own colours but you cant copyright websafe colours

To create the layout

There are naming conventions for the box container and wrapper

we have to specify the div id in CSS

We have to tell CSS how we want the container positioned 

Relative everything will be position relative to each other
To link the CSS to html 

<div id=" then return to get a list of the CSS tags

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