Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Indesign tutorial

Consistency and efficiency

Paragraph formatting options

Turn on Type/Show hidden characters (not in preview)

This displays the end of a paragraph (backwards P) There is a "." every time the space bar is used.  Useful for collaborating.

Working with Space between paragraphs

If you paragraph return you get the spacing of the line spacing.

An alternative:

Global changes and search and change formatting

Menu: edit/find/change - 

Click on small menu

'End of paragraph' option two in a row (x2)

An alternative to paragraph return

Paragraph pallet or application bar

Click in a paragraph. Select space after.  Can work in mm or pt just type in

Indented paragraphs

Drop Caps

Reverse out headings without using coloured boxes so the text will flow (have to have a paragraph return after the piece of text)

Keep options

For example if your heading has not stayed with the main body of text.  

Widow is a word left alone on a line.
Orphan - The heading or opening line is orphaned from its paragraph.

Keep with previous (apply to the body text so headings keep together)

Or headings keep with the next 1 line

Can make subtle adjustments to tracking would be + or - 3 points will not be noticeable visually.

Keep lines together to avoid widows.


To set up a TAB

Specify the distance the Tab will move the text

Property of the paragraph

Use shift return to maintain the tabs applied within the same paragraph.

To consistently apply paragraph formatting throughout the document

Apply desired formatting to one heading  can then save the formatting as a paragraph style.  Character , size, leading, tabs, paragraph rules can be saved in a paragraph style.

Can apply a keyboard short cut to apply styles.  Has to be cmd and the numbers from the RHS number pad.

Once you create a Paragraph style can apply globally.  Double click on paragraph style, make a change then it will apply to all paragraphs with that style.

A small + at the side of the style means you have added a style outside of the Paragraph style rules.

To create a keybaord shortcut for Hanging heading.  Can use an indent here.  This will indent the rest of the paragraph with this cmd \

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