Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Design for print tutorial

Paragraph style
Can control how Indesign hypenates texts.

To stop a word being hypenated by click in the word and add a dicretionary hypenation Type menu/inset special character/discretionary hypen.  Put the dicretionary

Soft return is shift return

More advanced application of Paragraph styles
Character styles - type menu

Select the character work with

Any attributes which dont have a value will remain as they were before the style was applied.  ie pint size left blank.  Could use to underline words, italics. create headings

can indent here using cmd\.  Add a tab then highlight text want to indent.

Can include the Chraracter style within the paragraph style.

Can apply to just one word - through one word.

Master pages

THE SPREADS IN INDESIGN ARE READERS SPREADS (how they will read once the book is printed)

The default is the A-Master

Any content you add to the master will be added to the other pages.
Empty frames, colour, headers, empty text frames

Any frames you add to the master page are locked apart from the text frame .  Press cmd and shift to unlock the text frames

Can setup serval Master pages within one document.

Page numbering
Create a text frame
Typemenu/insert special character/marker/currentpage

If need to start the page numbering differently,  need to be on a page  pages pallet menu/numbering.

Saddlestcih there is a maximum number of pages before pages start creeping.  Could print 40 plus pages in booklet section then bound/

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