Monday, 28 March 2011

Communication is a virus - Results of the online survey

In order to capture responses other than Facebook and Tweeter we had set up an online survey.  We also included this link on Facebook, Tweeter and the emails to provide people a way of feeding back anonymously.  
We were please with the level of engagement with DODAY both digitally and word of mouth,

Friday, 25 March 2011

What is a line - Initial ideas

As I had not yet photographed/videoed Oli playing guitar I took some Kings of Leon photos off the web to try the tracing idea.  I think this works quite well.

I also had a video of Isaac on his bike so I converted this to Jpegs and traced these. The images I traced were black and white.  I think they would probably be easier to trace in colour as there would be more definition.

I like the idea that they run in series which is approrpriate to this action (ie going forwards in a line)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Communication is a virus - Tweeter

Preparation for presentation - Communication is a virus


1.  Re-design Concept, Content and deliver boards

Concept - DO DAY Tuesday the day to do something new.

Content - Suggest people try something new - Recognise new id different to every individual.  The little things in life can make a big difference.  Create event page on Facebook so people can share what they do. This is one motivation for doing it.

Method of delivery - Digital- Email, Facebook, Twitter, Online survey
                               On the day - Hotdog fold books, Posters, cardboard flyers, beer mats,s tickers and badges.

2.  Need to get results from Stuck in a rut survey

3. Record how we felt when we tried something new

4.  Screen shots of Facebook and Tweeter, survey 

5. Copy of email 

6. Maybe pass some hotdog fold/leaflets / badges round in presentation?

7.How to present ? and who?

8.Tone of voice - spontaneous and graphivcally raw

9. Considerations - Should be have set the Facebook event up nearer Do DAy?

10.  The Future-  Not a regular routine weekly or monthly event as could become a chore.  Aim to set DO DAY when their feels like a 'need' i.e. gloomy days, rainy days, bad news days, 

Communication is a virus -Facebook event page

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Leeds Loves creativity competition

 Some ideas for Leeds Loves Creativity competition.... (Don't have Hevetica Neue at home so with a different font)

Also Toyed with the idea of a "bottle of creativity' and hands

Final Design board

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Speading the communication virus around Leeds

Huddersfield to Manchester Victoria train 8.00am
Huddersfield to Newcastle train 7.45am

Huddersfield train station

Starbucks at Leeds Train station

Leeds train station

The no 95 bus at 8.10am

Leeds Coolege of Art cafe 8.30am
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Leeds College of Art notice board

The cardboard flyers

The poster on inside of hot dog fold book

At least 62 hot dog fold books

Posters, badges, stickers etc ready to distribute

Leeds city centre

Leeds train station waiting room