Friday, 23 November 2012

Design for web - Dreamweaver

Open html page where you want the images to display.
In Design view
click in page where you want the images to display
go to code page
The cursor will flash in the code page.

Copy the code from lightbox into the code page at this point

Edit the image #1 to the name of your image
Can put your own titles in on the blue 'my caption' just edit this to your title name

Add the thumbnail to the code replacing 'image 1'

Insert image/

To link imagesgive them a group name then add [folder] to the code as follows next to lighbox.

There are loads of variations of image galleries code available on the net:
To add video use Flexslider 2

Fancy box

How to customise light box

click on Lightbox .css on Dreamweaver

Original CSS
Changed the opacity and colour

Can change the colour opacity
Can delete the border by just deleting the border code ie white above.
to get rid of the border delete the following lne:

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