Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Progress tutorial with Andy

The Loft Space

The Seasonal Promotional strategy works.  Consider keeping some of the Seasonal imagery but use on other ways rather than behind the logo.  Maybe consider getting a stamp printed wit the logo on so can stamp bags, labels and other collateral


Consider using different typefaces for each Speaker quote to convey tone of voice.  Look at coloured stock maybe yellow for the 'gold' idea.  Can carry this through to the posters.

The Circus

Logo works consider using the jacquered diamond in other letters as cut outs/?  Could convey the projected lights/logo onto the building using a simple animation.  Source some straight 'museum/exhibition' walls to display the signage rather than curved.  Experiment with Vintage display type poster layouts for the Visitors Guide.

Andy said the designs made him think of this work:  craigandcarl

App Brief
Find Computer Arts article about responsive design.  Discussed using the content from wither Typo or Circus to inform the eventual App design.

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