Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Loft Space Banner development

Banners are not necessarily perceived as environmentally friendly however they are a cheap effective method of promotion.  I had thought of maybe a Canvas banner but this would still have to be treated to be waterproof so there probably would not be that much benefit.  I have sourced few environmentally companies who supply banners and their  prices are not too much higher than the local suppliers in Huddersfield.

The polyproplene banner is 10O% recyclable and cost £45 for by 5ftx 3ft.
The Bamboo Banner which is slightly more expensive at £65 is 99.6% biodegradable. The main environmental benefit is that it comes from a renewable resource. Bamboo is a hardy fast growing resource that can be harvested four years after planting and then re-grows without the need to replant. The bamboo used in the manufacture of this fabric is grown, without the use of pesticides, on an organically farmed plantation and is not taken from forests. The fabric is manufactured in an environmentally friendly closed loop process and has been tested and certified free of harmful substances according to REACH compliance standards. The fact that the fabric is biodegradable means that it does not have an infinite outdoor life but we are offering a guarantee of three months outdoor use before the fabric starts to degrade.

Banner design which matches up with the Seasonal Branding.

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