Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Design from print tutorial

PDF file

When a file is exporting can see progess:

Windows /utilities/ background task

Postscript files

To make

print/printer = Postscript file
PPD=Adobe PDF 9.0 (enables you to print up to A0)

Can use to create positives for screen printing bigger than A3

The output/Colour= separations is only available if its a laser printer or for postscript files

This creates a .ps file

Open in preview this converts to a pdf

To convert to a pdf adobe acrobat pro/ acrobat distiller converts .ps files inro pdfs

Can create printers spreads rather than readers spreads

Possibilities for working with using multiples

Printing large quantities - eg 40 on A2

Save as a pdf with bleed and crop marks

file and place into your A2 document

With image selected Can use Edit/step and repeat

Horizantally and vertically offset by the width and height of your document

cmd G
and align

If there is a mistake change in your original file and reexport that. 


file and place the Indesign file.

Click show import options

Need to add Crop marks in the slug bounding box in the original Indesign file

To make your workflow quicker 
 A Booklet using a Printers spread pdf

Printing double sided

To print an 8 page book. need to rotate page 2 and 7 /4 & 5 180ยบ around it centre point

This is a work and turn method

Print first side then turn page and feed in so get duplicate pages

To find certain symbols wither use glyph or use keyboard shortscuts

system preferences

Language and text

Add a shortcut on your top tool bar

Can click on amy key to see what shortcut gives

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