Thursday, 8 November 2012

Progress crit feedback

Progress crit feedback -  One off comments

  • Circus - Good Logo development, like one in top right and corner bext.  think you are at the stage to design the leaflet using the colour scheme in the logo.
  • How can you push the range further
  • Like the logo with lines over it 
Typo Ten 
  •  What is all the negative space for maybe make the text bigger?
  • Try experiments with foil to decide
  • Like the logo quite like the A5 format but either would work.
  • Typo Ten Layout simple but effective will there be any photography or just type?
  • Nice idea not sure about foils depends on the stock.  The stock may speak for itself
  • Like all of the designs but who is target audience as some are quite femine
  • make sure designs work together.  Same thickness of stroke in llustration, 2 colours on all
  • Maybe keep it more neutral in terms of colour and image
  • Thought about printing on natural stocks
  • Logo would look nice stamped
  • Some logos are too busy which makes them unreadable
  • Maybe keep it more simple-
  • keep the logo the same but change one element of it each month eg just change the O
  • Loftspace logo through differnet seasons work really well and gives it the ability for contant change not getting repetitive
  • Colours are quite intense maybe try some more neatral colours especially with the ones with lots going on, it can become too busy
  • Like the seasonal approach keep it simple though some are really busy and too hard to read.  Too many leaves.  maybe try more neutal clours. Quite bright
Conceptual development

Comment on the quantity, quality and appropriateness of idea generated in response to the brief

Circus stuff - should be a modern interpreation on the classic circus font design
How can the design represent all of circus when there are so many varieties of show?

Circus - prefer overprint logos - More C
Vibrant reflects the nature of the museum
Focus more on red/yellow/ehite (Circus tent)
What approach are you intending to take?  Traditional and authentic or modern and contemporary interpretations?

Practical Development
Comment on the breadth of practical investigation and design development that has been explored in response to the brief

Typo Ten - 2 fonts dont really compliment one another.  keep type more subtle in terms of point size

Layout works well.  Appears to be a rule throughout but perhaps try and break it up by experimenting with different layouts
What is the range going to be ie exhibition signage, museum catalogue, way finding All need to be looked into.

Typo Ten Move away from condensed typeface for body copy needs a little more legibility
Look to put more emphasis on type.

Circus - Logo well developed just need to see it translate into actual environment

Comment on the extent to which the work presented exploits the full potential of briefs

Circus - How would the entrance and building look?  Would be great to see it in context.
Research and respond to some selected Circus Posters
Create some posters inspired by these to see how your Circus logo works

Circus - Look at wood block printing?

To get classic feel?  How will the branding translate in the museum environment and identity.  could anything from the logo development be used throughout as a branding device( Such as the shapes in the logos)

Loft Space - maybe move away from putting imagery behind the logo type or look for subtler colours.  very Busy.

Thought it was proposed brading for a circus maybe think about how you can make the logo type more clearly for a museum.

Loft Space  Maybe look to adapt the 'O' more than placing imagery behind it will fit more wiy=th logo type plus more muted colour scheme.

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