Friday, 30 November 2012

Typo 2012 - Special finishing

Achieving the special finish.  As this was aimed at Designers I wanted to achive a special finish.  ie experiemented with Foiling in the Screen Print area.

The post effective was the black on black

I also printed the 1 square posters with Typo Twelve in large ltters across the 12 posters.  I tried foiling the Typo however the lines were too thin to really be effective.  Also the black on yellow was not as noticeable.

I then made the decision to somehow incorporate black into the posters.  The only way I could include laser printing (to achieve the foiling - will only work on Laser ink not inkjet) was to use it like a frame to attach the yellow squares to.  With more time I am sure I could have found a more appropriate solution ie digitally ink jet print then use a screen to foil the black.

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