Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Design for print

Indesign notes
Create a new document with best settings- page size = printed trimmed size.

US paper standards Letter, legal

Columns, margin Bleed and slug guides to assist with layout. 3mm is a standard although some printers have their own bleed spec.

An application for slug - outside the page larger than the bleed used to enter printers makes, crop marks,.  In the print dialogue box usually have option to put these on anyway.  Could use for fold/ own tim marks.  In print diologue box there is an option to print slug area usually 20/25mm

Facing pages for publication/book format. How it will actually look printed. Uncheck for posters, boards.

Helps you accomodate binding etc.

Primary text frame - every page of document will have a text frame the size will be specified your margins.  With a multiple page document and each text frame will link so text will flow. (useful for text based document.  If you set up one page with a primary text frame then copy too much text it will automatically create enough pages to contain enough the text.

Start page number can use with covered books ie cover separate

Keyboard shortcuts:

Formating text: Select text cmd  shift > or < to format size of text (2 point increments) 
                         If you hold down the alt key you get 10 pt increments.

Leading/line spacing:  cmd and alt plus up and down arrows
alt and arrow changes by smaller increment
cmd shift arrow change based line

Preview: cmd w

Preview whole page on screen : cmd 0

Click twice on the zoom tool/ gives actual size or cmd 1


Photoshop file place / 300 dpi,  CMYK or grayscale avoid RGB.  Save as .tiff or psd avoid JPEG
The size need to be actual size that will print otherwise you change the resolution.  If too large can result in processing errors,

Illustrator can copy and paste or file place:  CMYK or spot,  .AI.  or copy and past artwork.

`If you need to change the size of a photoshop doc. If click on double circles can re-size the image.   Go back to photoshop and apply that change of scale in Photoshop.  Look in the links pallet to see the amount you have scaled the file by.  or Select the image can see the % in the application bar. 

Press alt key double click the image and will open up in Photoshop for editing (if Ph open)

Image size, doc size change to % and type in the %.
New version Indesign

Working with images get an indication of the status of the image -the link button/ get a ? mark to indicate the image is missing.

If dpi and scale is incorrect
two steps

Image size
Untick resample image - change the dpi to 300

Check % in Indesign
Image size
tick resample image - resize image using %

Packaging Indesign copies all your files/images into one folder/fonts

PDF press quality is the best quality (this also packages all the fonts/images)

Users/ shared/Font library

Need to change what the file opens with in font book

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