Thursday, 27 September 2012

Collected the gorgeous paper from Footprint

I collected the 1000 sheets of the expensive recycled paper today from Footprint and met an ex graduate from LCA BAGD James Wright.  He is a partner in the Co-op.  Amazing place it reminded me of the cross between one of my dad's engineering workshops from the 70's, The Good Life and a squat.  Had a look at some Riso printing whilst I was there.  Think they will be a great contact into the ethical world of printing.  I got a large discount and free delivery from Paperback because I ordered through them.

Picture to follow...

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Loft Space - stock

As part of the live brief to promote The Loft Space I am exploring making some hotdog fold books.  Due to budget constraints I see the cheapest solution to printing could be screen printing however I will price both digital and screen to check this.

Standedge Tunnel is a venue for The Jazz Festival and as such this is an important opportunity to Promote the Loftspace and raise awarenes of it.  The Jazz Festival is now a nationally recognised event and attendance gets into the 1000's.

Most of the gigs are in pubs or cafes so beer/drink mats seems a ideal promotional vehicle.  Janet wanted to create an A5 leaflet with some information to promote the Loftspace.  As a result Icame up with the Hotdog fold book which can be cuts so its square shaped like a beer mat.
Janet has given me a budget of up to £100 for this however i would like to aim for £50 depending on the stock we use.

The first stock that I cam across was actually on the YCN Talent in Bloom programme.

This is made from recycled materials which fits with The Loftspace ethos.  Not only that though it has this appearance with visible fibres. 

I've managed to source a recycled paper supplier through Luke.  He recommended I got in touch with Footprint in Leeds.  Their website shows what they have in stock and who they order from (Paperback).

Ive ordered some samples from Paperback.  Footprint gets discounted prices and free delivery so perfect!  The only potential problem is I will have to order 1000 sheets however as long as I can keep within budget I am sure this can work.

It has occurred to me for 1000 sheets I could probably just go to a local printer( although may not get the recycled feel/ethos)  One printer in Huddersfield is Aura print.  For 1000 A3 leaflets screen printed on 100gsm uncoated paper its costs £90!!


The other consideration with printing on more fibrous papers is how clear the text prints out especially when screen printing.  This is a design consideration in terms of typefaces and sizes.   Plan to research Screen printing and text further

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Brief One Logo development

I sent Janet the initial logo ideas by email and this was her feedback:

'Quite like the first one and the ones which look like a tangled ball of yarn   maybe a mixture of the two will share with Ruth today, think maybe we should go with a bolder colour too and one which identifies us with an eco-friendly 'green' environment  for the whole hub not just greenfusions 
Agree about the owl think we should stay clear from that 
What I am thinking is we should maybe have a sheep (wool natural environmental and very much associated with Marsden)  

Really like the colours and sheep design on this year's Jazz festival programme
Doesn’t show the simple sheep logo on here  but the green and grey colour on here is quite striking with just an accent of strong purple/heather  maybe ? 

The idea of using a sheep logo as the campaign for wool (which we are involved with) style which is a bit like tangled yarns'

I also played around with ideas for straplines/words to promote The Loft Space

The Loft Space…is space to:

Space to meet
Space to create
Space to chat
Space to learn new skills
Space to share skills
Space to craft
Space to make
Space to make friends
Space to grow
Space to work
Space to enjoy the view
Space to shape
Space for camaraderie
Space to  Sew
Space to crochet
Space to spin
Space to  exchange ideas
Space to knit
Environmentally friendly
Ethical aspirations

From this feedback I carried out some more research as follows which led to some more ideas to discuss at the meeting a few days later:

Open publication - Free publishing - More sheep

I chose the Palatino typeface as I felt it reflected the tradition and professionalism which is the foundation for their practices.  Also for its readabilityand elegance.

Open publication - Free publishing - More brand

Ruth the other artist in residence and Janet told me what they liked about the designs.  At the meeting I tweeked the colour and we tried printing on different paper to get the shade of green that worked.  They both liked the Palatino typeface.

This was a great way to work and we agreed on the basic logo design at the meeting and then I took it home to refine.

These are the final designs

Open publication - Free publishing - More brand

Final logo for The Loft Space

They wanted a simple logo without too much colour for printing on letterheads so we agreed this as well

Brief one The Loft Space - Developing a logo

I met with Janet Hagger on 21/6/12 to discuss how we could work together.   From first walking into The Loft Space I could see quite quickly that they needed some help with their Identity and just simple Graphic design.

A free banner Janet got made at Vista Print

Some Promo material for Green fusions

An advert in The Huddersfield Eye

Their initial idea for a logo (an image of Tunnel End)

My first thoughts on reading the literature about The Creative Hub/Loft Space/Green Fusions as there were several identities and was quite confused by what it actually was.

At the first meeting Janet explained that The Canal & River Trust who owned Standedge Visitors Centre had just been reorganised as a trusts and she was not sure how long The Loft Space would be based there.  

In the meantime we agreed: 
  • I would design the logo for The Loft Space for the end of August
  • I would also look at Green Fusions website and giver her some ideas for redesigning the site 
We discussed design direction

Not just textiles, although Craft wanted to get acros 'professionalism' and experience not just 'crafty',
Hand made
Liked the Owl symbol/wisdom

Words that came immediately to mind:

Community, friendly, Craft, natural, green, countryside, warmth, welcoming, space.

Initial ideas for logo:

Initial research into Owls/Creative Hubs/ Knitting & Crochet

Open publication - Free publishing - More creative hubs

These are the initial logo ideas I came up with.  I was trying to recreate the feel of the tunnel end idea in some.  On others I experimented with Traditional Crochet Pattern style fonts.