Friday, 9 November 2012

Responsive web layouts

One area which I am interested in understanding better is responsive web layouts ie design for different devices and their screen sizes.  When I went to the design studio 10 associates although they dont develop websites they do design them.  They always design for both screen and mobile.

I have found this website which is quite informative:

From my experiences over the summer I had decided that it wasnt important to beable to code the website as there are many developers out there who have far more experience than me.  However Simon is taking us through Dreamweaver again so I think this may help me understand deigning for screen better.  By understanding the language better I can in turn understand the more complex issues Developers are having to or are able to handle.

The areas I want to gain a better understanding of  are

Designing for responsive layouts - what information would a developer need?

Web fonts - how to use them in CSS and what the implications of using them are

The love Full photograph websites - I want to understand the implications of using full photograpfs ie for Mobile download speeds, costs etc What sizze iamges do you use how to make the image files as small as possible without losing quality.

How Photoshop slicing works and how it links with Dreamweaver

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