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Typo 2012 Rick Banks

Rick Banks

What Typo 2012 say:

Rick Banks makes books speak. The highly acclaimed Copy Book on how advertisers create texts won him this years D&AD Award. His book design teams up with its reader. Rick is a designer, art director and typographer, working under the moniker Face37.
In 2011 he gave the Musician‘s Union, one of he oldest unions in the world, a modern graphic voice that supports their issues. The re branding included Signage, stationery, guidelines and web design and it was accoladed with the D&AD award 2011 for books.

I was chuffed when Rick said he had been involved with the design for The MU as I used this as a template for the layout of some of my SGS work:


Rick‘s works were shown in The Guardian, Monocle, Creative Review, Grafik, Computer Arts, Wired or Digital Arts. At TYPO London Rick will demonstrate how graphic issues are social issues.

What I think?

Great to see a young lad (26!) from my hometown (Bolton) so successful, driven and inspiring.

His talk: My Social network

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He graduated in 2006 and started networking through friends and designers that he interviewed. Living in an expensive flat he couldn’t really afford, he initiated a typographic car cards project, called Type Trump, met with Marc Vialli from Magma Books and got published. 

Mike Radcliffe Represent

Sea Design got a job / Cold Called Matt Judge Learnt the Craft of type and print.

Rick is all about being creative and pro-active to build a flourishing network, and he seems to do it very well. In a mission for more ideas based work his connections lead him to work with Paul Belford from This is Real Art, on the branding for the Musicians Union, the D&AD copy book about advertising and published by Taschen, but also Marty Brown from IDEO, where he redesigned the packaging identity of the coffee brand Douwe Egberts. The D&AD Copy book teamed with Taschen.  The cover was created at an eye tracking lab at London university - mapping reader movement.

He went on to set up the creative agency Face 37, where he developed the now very famous Bella font. 

He’s also recently created a company called UK to Vegas with three school friends. Launch a digital e magazine.

Rick Banks’ philosophy is about hard work and doing a good job and the power of networking. He encouraged the audience to take advantage of technology to become truly unique designers.

Modernism is not a style it a methodology

Marcel Duchamp rotating discs

Herb Lubalin 

Jan Tschichold



Never satisfied....Learn as much as you can from each project ...then move on.

Work for lots of different companies having those conversations is where Design gets really interesting...I think.

Worked hard.  

Try to be be nice to people...and do everything and more, what is asked of me.

Didn't sit around and wait for things to happen.   

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