Saturday, 10 November 2012

Circus programme design development

Following the Crit I had a flash of inspiration with the Overprint Circus logo.  Why not use transparencies to create the layered effect?  So I have started designing the Circus visitors guide incorporating three or four layers of transparencies.  I am experimenting with both a stripe pattern and a Harlequin pattern so see which says Circus more.

I have always liked the idea of using Projections on the Circus building.  This effect was actuallu achieved with the glass on the buidling.

I have been trying to create a light effect in photoshop for the Building signage - needs some work!

The problem with this effect is it only works in RGB mode not CMYK as below.

Also developing some ideas for the cover of the visitors guide.  each colour will be a A4 transparency then book will be a square within this allowing the colours of the logo to shine.

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