Thursday, 29 November 2012

Poster spread

I have been thinking how the Typo posters will run as a series and how they will appear on the wall.  I made the decision to make the series of quotes twelve rather than ten when i thought how the posters would work as a display ie 5x2 would not look make as much impact as 4x3.  I was trying to keep to the square format with both the book and the posters but the square poster did not have enough white space and looked cluttered so i made the decision to make them an A format.

This design just looks too busy but I wanted to try out the acetate and foiling.

The foiling worked best black on black.  I foiled the black on yellow 'TYPO' across the posters but the line was too think to be noticeable.  A suggestion at the progress crit was to maybe do the whole thing sold but this would distract people from actually reading the quotes.  The reason for choosing the foil was to provide a 'high end' finish and also attract attention.

Joe Gilmore talked of an idea he used with some photos where he cut the photos in half and displayed one half at the bottom of one spread and the other half at the top of the facing page.  I experimeted this with the Typo twelve across the series of twelve posters.

I think I will go with the A format and print on the mango paper stock and foil the Typo Twelve areas with black

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