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Typo 2012 Tim Beard (Bibliotheque)

What Typo 2012 say:

Bibliothèque is an independent design studio based in London, founded in 2003 by designers Tim Beard, Jonathon Jeffrey and Mason Wells. It has earned an international reputation as an innovative company working in the fields of brand identity, spatial and digital design. In October 2011 the three partners were made members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. An organisation representing the world’s leading graphic artists and designers. The three founding partners, have created a company who’s work is both admired and much sought after, for its conceptual thinking, meticulous attention to detail and intelligent solutions. Beyond the confines of the studio, Bibliothèque are also active in promoting design to a wider audience. In 2007, to coincide with the UK Olympic bid, they funded and curated an exhibition of the designer Otl Aicher’s 1972 Olympic Identity from their archive of mid-century graphic design.


The talk

Design is a social journey

Tim Beard quickly weighs in on the conferences theme of ‘Social’ stating that “Design is a social process with social outcomes”.

Social: Dialogue: In their studio everyone gets to air their views; a studio filled with shared work and a no headphone policy.  An open plan studio with no walls and barriers.  Stimulate discussions and let ideas bed in and develop.
Stop, sit and eat together at lunch  Topics : new restaurants, new films.  Telling stories all the time.

Over the next 45 minutes Tim (one of three directors of East London’s design studio Bibliothèque) gives insights into an array of projects via the studio culture that drives and defines Bibliothèque’s output of work.

Black eye wear
The logo is only one part of the Branding; need visual language to create a dialogue and emotive links with the consumer.  Use photographs

Web lab at the Science Museum - interactive experiments for Google and Chrome.
Developed signage and environmental design

Barriers are coming down/meeting points of many different areas of expertise

Collaboration is their favourite activities and directly engaging with expertise at every levels.

Bibliothèque’s holistic approach to design is driven by the passion of it’s counterparts and collaborators.

Social: Chance
Being in the right place at the right time.  Its not what you know but who you know.

Social: Engagement
Take initiative, building bridges, have the vision...  Curated Munich 72 exhibition which led to work with The Design Museum and Paul Smith

Social: Drinking
Work can happen /Ideas are formulated.  Designed their first publication How to be a designer without losing your soul by Spin - Adrian Shaughnessy and John

Social: Responsibility
To your clients, audiences and ourselves - highest quality.  Give back to industry and education

For Bibliothèque ‘Social’ stems from the dialogues that inform the studio’s practise. Beard tells of how “everybody in the studio has an equal voice” where dialogues across project teams are common practise and communal lunches are a daily occurrence; conversations will often passionately carry on after hours in the local pub, or as Beard hints more often with the depth of conversation; several pubs. Bibliothèque early on in it’s incarnation often divided parts of the design community; it’s modernist approach bordering on too militant for some, but the work Beard shows today hints that all of these studio conversations are slowly shaping a more progressive and wider perspective for the studio, Beard likens good design to a pair of new shoes, uncomfortable at first but ultimately great after bedding in.

 ‘emotional responses’ to design,
how design can penetrate the ‘spirit’ of the Olympics
 ‘soul’ that is embedded in craft, making and process.

Beard borrowed Victor Papaneks quote “The only important thing about design is how it relates to people”

Social: Play
This echo’s perfectly with the studio’s recent identity for Ollo a new high speed internet and telecommunications service based in Germany, the identity in a typical Bibliothèque manner is simple, elegant and confident but the real value of it is that the identities origins is based in gestural interfaces, an idea relating to both the future of the brand, the people it will touch and how they will inhabit it.  Ollo/ Follow an interactive logo which consumers can play with as an App.

The logo is not dead, it is still important ;  it is just a part of a much bigger and integrated family of communication.

Social: Success

We are at risk of losing spontaneity if we don't take risks.  
We care about our work about what our clients think, what our contemporaries think
Design is not a one way street of expression
Design is a social journey.

This focus on how design can socially reverberate puts Bibliothèque in an interesting place, a studio that takes pride in it’s wealth of perspective on the past but also a studio resolutely looking forward.

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