Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Collection 100 - brainstorm

In this workshop Amber got us to quickly write down our top 15:

Most interesting people
Interesting objects
Favourite places

My brain was feeling pretty tired and I really struggled coming up with these!

100 - research proposal

My subject is - 100 favourite LP Album  covers

I am going to collect primary photographs of 100 album covers and record them on my blog.

Possible categories will include date produced, genre, artist/band (alphabetical), graphic designer

How I will research       Who/Where/What will you research?      What form and quantity will be produced

Primary methods           Primary sources                                    Primary material

Record collection          The album covers for Graphic designers      100 Photographs

Secondary methods       Secondary sources                                Secondary material

Internet                        Other work by same graphic designers      Images, influences

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Photography workshop

We were introduced to using SLR cameras.  The following hand out has some handy terminology. 

We then practised using the camera using some of our violet objects and experimenting with studio lighting, camera functions and colour filters.  These are the results:

I found this workshop challenging as I have very little experience working with SLR cameras. The strongest photographs were of the objects which had a solid form, especially the Cadburies tin and the balloon. One interesting aspect which came out of this was the colour of the shadow's changed with different coloured filters.  For example the purple filters produced almost green shadows.

The last three photos worked well and had actually been set up by another group using two lights and two different coloured filters. The effect is really strong.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

What if - power point presentation

The group chose three songs which signified Being watched or watching'.

The Police - Every breath you take'
Beat Freakz - Somebody's watching me'
Hard Fi ' Stars of CCTV'

What if - Powerpoint presentation

This is our group's Powerpoint presentation we accompanied the slide with the following music:

The Police - Every breath you take
Beatfreaks- Always feel like somebody is watching me
Hard fi - Starts of CCTV