Thursday, 17 November 2011

Typography workshop

Kerning makes a word sit comfortably on a page.

Never negative Kern always increase space on other letters.

Breaking a line down into two sentences can change what you 'mean' to say.

Learning how people read, hierarchy, position, weight and size

An exercise where we filled the whole area of each of four columns with different point size test.  We experimented with both point size and leading. Watch out for negative leading. Between 6 and 12 usually 2 points difference.

Think about how many words in a column ie Newspapers tend to be a minimum of six words, 36 characters wide where as books tend to average 10 -12 words. Tabloid are narrower than broadsheets due to smaller words!  Anything wider than these averages can put you off.
Also consider your audience.  

Remember screen no guide to readability.

Novel - 8.5 - 9 pt
Leaflet 8.5 - 9pt
Mag - 10 pt.

Most accessible to whole community - 14 point

* Screen can change font size on I-books!

As a group we discussed which type was most readable firstly on screen and then printed out.

The lesson here was with a print job always start by printing a draft out.  To assist with decision on point size - can you read at arms length?

Copy size on magazines and in books about 9 on 11 (9 pt type and 11pt leading)

The group selected the paragraph with additional leading. adding leading can increase readability however too much hinders.

To make text fit cam also change the font - different x-heights eg Ariel has a large x-height.

Paragraph rules - change of subject
Line spaces make text more interesting
Can also use Indents but not both together.
Indent = tab space = 1 cm - 3 characters

Avoid rivers

Look at type
Choose typeface
Adjust paragraph

More white space is desirable

Techniques fo creating space

Techniques fo creating space
Aligned Left / ragged left
Aligned right / ragged right
Justified - not best method but can create a shorter column length.

We experimented with adjusting text, fonts to create the largest possible image

Then tried to produce an interesting layout.

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