Sunday, 20 November 2011

Design for print manual for submission

I thought the last Print manual I had uploaded to Issuu was typo free, it wasn't! Also after the fantastic Generation Press visit I wanted to add a section about RAW files.
I also realised the 12 point font size I had chosen was too big following the last Typography workshop with Graham.  Graham explained that generally books have a point size around 9 with an average of eleven words a line. The book now looks less cluttered as more white space was created by reducing point size to 11.  I also looked at how the paragraphs were identified and ensured I was not using both indent and line space. 

In addition I sent it for feedback o the Pre-press Supervisor at Spellman Walker, as when I visited he was a mine of information.

He very kindly gave me the following feedback which I have added to my top ten.

'Hey, that’s pretty good.

I would only make one suggestion for an addition – I’d add an extra line or two about cutter guides or at least make more of it because it’s a biggie.
We get lots of cutter supplied to us in 100% magenta when the job itself prints 4 col pro.
Designers should always spec the cutter keyline up as just “Cutter” and make it up out of 100% magenta BUT make it a spot colour.
That way it’s magenta, it’s easy to see but it’s also a spot colour called “cutter” - foolproof!
Most pre press studios will treat a cutter keyline as an overprint item (or ‘dieline’) so no need to worry about trap there.
Also, make sure your artwork bleeds out of the cutter area – if you make the artwork fit the cutter exactly and the finisher stamps the die slightly out of position (easily done) you will have white showing at the edge of your carefully trimmed job. Not good.'

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