Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Group tutorial

Liam, Sarah R, Simon, Baljeet, Joe and Alex were my group.  Lorenzo recommended that some of the feedback to individuals could apply to other people in the group.

Some of the general feedback was:

  • Look at and research the environment your print will be in to identify opportunities to present printed material.
  • Consider the bigger picture before too much detail as this will provide you with a foundation to visually respond to.
  • This module is focused on a broad range of research and development, analysed and evaluated which translates to ideas which then need to be analysed and evaluated.
In preparation of the group tutorial I had experimented with lots of different shapes of packaging as recorded in the previous blog.  I discussed the concept which was to elevate the Sweetie apple, through branding, logo, promotion and innovative packaging, above the Pink Lady. 

The strongest packaging ideas which I aim to take forward are:

Lorenzo said it could be worth looking at Japanese packaging for further innovative ideas.   The group discussed possible re-uses of the case. I said maybe the package could be a 'limited' edition aimed at first 500 customers.  Could use the 'single' packaging to give apples away at event which could also be used to disseminate the info about "english' apples. or maybe a leaflet to get your free apple at the event. 

Lorenzo recommended maybe taking the idea further but since coming out of the tutorial I have lost track how I may do this. 

After I explained the apple was to be distributed solely by the Co-op He also recommended looking at co-op 'premium' packaging etc   

I am going to look at a map of the marathon area to see good positions for promotion.  Also look at other similar apple campaigns in more depth to expand my idea. 

Since the tutorials
I have also received ideas from other students:
Could put ideas how to re-use the package on the package

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