Monday, 14 November 2011

Limited edition and Standard apple packaging

Evaluation of progress with packaging so far...

The acetate mockups I have made are successful aesthetically however when I put apples in them them the acetate is not strong enough without extra 'bolstering'.  The plan was always to make these out of Polypropylene which is a much stronger substrate so I don't believe strength would be an issue. The problem is of course as pointed out at the crits is that it is not perceived to be sustainable packaging. Through various research I have proven there are sustainable benefits to using polypropylene, particularly where the object is re-used several times.  Perception though is a consideration particularly with a 'natural' self packaged product such as an apple.

The following solutions could get around these issues:

1.  Still proceed with a re-useable transparent container to introduce the product to the market in store.  This would be a limited edition' gift' style package with an offer attached to encourage the customer to both re-use the container and also buy more Sweetie apples.

2. Design a more environmentally friendly alternative as standard packaging such as a paper bag like the M&S one I saw in my initial research for What is good.

A re-usable alternative could be a 'cotton jute' type bag which again could have an offer attached to encourage re-use.

The print options could include a tag attached to the bags at point of sale or like the turtle bag above a small box .

3.  I had always imagined the apples would be displayed loose in boxes so customers can chose their own and this would be necessary to enable any re-usaeble packaging to work.

I am also re-visting the Pink lady campaign info I found earlier in the research:

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