Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Final crit

Stickie note feedback

Crit group chose the long hexagonal for holder box for limited edition.
"Not sure of appropriateness of bee - I understand its pollination but aesthetically it does not work.'

What I presented at Final Crit 

I had managed to prepare two of my presentation sheets.  The set was listed with the packaging mock ups as follows:

1. The packaging/products shot
2. The Brand and identity
3. Introductory promotion at London half marathon
4. Introductory promotion in store
5. Concept/logo/packaging development

I had a card mock up of the proposed flatter box, the single apple acetate, the four apple acetate, the paper bag all with real apples inside.  The variety of apples I used were Braeburn and Jazz both related to the Sweetie apple so are similar in colour. I was pleased with the overall result and felt this represented the development of my work so far.

Evaluation of Crit

The feedback was very positive and generous.  Emily who was not in my crit group even offered me her own feedback - She wanted an apple as they looked so tempting 'like little gems'. 
'Donut bag is very good for apples- gives the guilty pleasure effect makes them more attractive - Sweet, delicious, forbidden'

( I did give her an apple by the way) Success!

Interesting idea about how the fold out hexagon can make a 3d flower shape.
I decided not to use Co-op branding on the packaging at this stage as I thought it wold make the design look to busy and also introduce too many colours to the Brand/identity.  I will mock up a design at some point.
At the marathon you could have more links to he hexagon shape for banners etc.  This is an area I have been developing however could not incorporate into the Photoshop pictures as they looked too flat.

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