Monday, 14 November 2011

The Royal Parks Sweetie Apple campaign

Why start with a giveaway campaign?

Even before I knew I was gong to pursue the branding and promotion of the Sweetie I had recognised from my research two things.  The first is the results from extensive international research into why people buy apples were taste and then appearance.  The second was the Pink Lady success has been no accident if you chart its organisation and promotion over the last few years.  Indeed its introduction to the English market was via a "vitality Show' in London where they gave away 20,000 apple. 
Andy Macdonald, Managing Director of Coregeo, the master licensee for Pink Lady® apples in the UK commented: We know that when people try Pink Lady®, they become instant converts to the brand and feedback from the Vitality show is testament to this. Sampling is imperative for showcasing the brand to an audience who will have grown up on Golden Delicious and Cox and the Vitality show was the perfect. 

The reasons for choosing he Half Marathon for the Introductory Campaign for the Sweetie apple is:

Timing - The season for the Sweetie is September to December so the (th October is perfect for the launch.
The audience - Aged 25 to 45. The aim of the campaign is not to convert people to eating apples or eating healthily however instead to get as many people who already eat apples to taste it.
The volume of people: 13,000 runners and 50,000 spectators
The context: The food and health festival is the prefect venue to give the apples away.
Print opportunities: Leaflets, t shirts, banners around the course, umbrellas, table cloths, boxes. For the runners- a foil blanket with the logo printed on (Flexo print)

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