Monday, 7 November 2011

Further development and considerations

Hexagons have connotations of honey comb/ bees /blossom/ nature - See research on Design context blog

Think about how the packaging will stack? How will the logo look?

Investigate transparent packaging/ print

Explore a strap line for the apple? juicy, fresh, a juicy treat, a juicy gift,  

How to protect the apple in the packaging?

Consider size of apples so can make net correct scale for apples.

The Hexagon could continue to the Banners at the promotional events. Would stand out because of the distinctive shape. 

Could be made up of 'linked' hexagons.  

Could be made from acetate/transparent?

  1. Watch apple i-player movie
  2. Size single apple carton
  3. Size apple carton for four apples
  4. Design a stack-able 'strong' apple carton
  5. Design horizontal banner
  6. mock up marathon stall
  7. Four presentation boards

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