Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Packaging mockups

As making up and designing for nets is something new to me I decided to make a few up.  I wanted to try different seals, shapes and folds.  this is what i came up with:

The direction for the packaging is to create something innovative which says premium, superior apples.  I also would like the apples to be visible and protected.

I immediately liked the hexagon shape as I could image this would protect the apples really well if the correct tray or inserts were in the bottom.  

I really like this 'cut ut' as by complete coincidence it is blossom shape.   ALso it look like a 'gift' and has premium written all over it.

Really pleased with the look of this transparent acetate design however it was very fiddly to execute.  I need to think of how to get cut marks on the net effectively or maybe laser cut?

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