Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Packaging story so far....

To make the package more practically re-useable a handle may aid portability.  When I made a couple of  mockups with handles it became apparent that these design would probably not support the weight of several apples.  Also I was keen to keep the hexagon shape and could not find any hexagon nets with handles.  I have ran out of time to start designing my own net so decided to keep the hexagon shape and also explore other more environmentally friendly solutions as blogged on earlier post.

These are the finished nets I took to the Final Crit

The net below was an attempt to make the hexagon more sturdy by making the walls shorter and the lid larger.  It reminds me of a Cake Shop box.  I am going to experiment further with this in Acetate.  Unfortunately this is the largest dimensions that will fit on an A2 sheet and only fits three apples in.  To keep my printing costs down I am trying to keep to A2 or less.  The lid fastening is quite cumbersome this size although these boxes would stack well on a shop shelf.

The original hexagon box made was to hold a single apple. This works from a display point of view and really sets the apple off however I would not propose using this.  I cannot justify the re-usable element in the same way I can with the four apple holder.  People would be unlikely to re-use for a single apple even if it offers protection.  People buying single apples are generally often going to eat them straight away.    

The paper bag ideas developed after the crit in an attempt to appear more environmentally friendly.  The window was to 'display' the apples. The hexagon was a last minute inspiration which fitted with the continuing hexagon theme.  I was initially designing this to add a handle on however once I had made the bag up it felt that the top should just be rolled down or stuck down with a sticker.

The bag is also strong as there is lots of space to add the Sweetie apple strap line and other benefits.

Brown paper bags/apples look 'right' as connotes recyclable but are not going to make the Sweetie Apple stand out on the shop shelves.

Continuing with the transparent theme I had always imagined the blossom label would be transparent only displaying the green 'w' however the label in practise just got lost.  So for the crit I designed a label with a White background.  Again this did not quite work in terms of visibility,  so I am going to try with a green background

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