Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Refining the logo and label

As I was planning to print the packaging on a transparent substrate such as Polypropylene (or acetate in the digital dungeon) I wanted to rethink the original 'white cut out of green' logo:

I also adjusted the kerning between the t, i and e, as the new 'w' had changed the space between the S and e.  I also adjusted the 'dot' above the i as the original was not centred and also looked too small and 'lost'.  Overall I think the green logo will be stronger and the logo does not rely on being cut out of a shape of colour. 

Following this I also re-visited the 'blossom' as now I had established it was 'blossom like ' I wanted the petals to be white not green.  I tested a black outline and a red outline however the black looked too heavy printed out so i settled on a grey outline.  I Also changed the angles between the petals so they were more evenly spaced than before.

I then tested the logo and labels design on the current favoured package net the hexagonal box.  

The next step is to work harder on the 'strap line' for the apple and decide which other information will need to be on the packaging.

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