Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Progress Crit

For this crit I had developed a hexagon shaped leaflet for giving out at the Marathon. I was pleased with how the leaflet folded out.  Although the layout needed a lot of work and I still had not settled on the final font for the brand.

I also had the transparent acetate small scale hexagon. 

I was still working on the correct scale of the holder for four apples.

The acetate really provokes 'eco friendly' debate and this is something I will have to consider.  


  • Although conflicting advise in the crit on one hand consider alternative versus develop and work with acetate because it works well!
  • Look towards potential marketing ideas like the marathon, how this might look and what it might involve
  • Design loose apple branding as needs to stand out as a single product as much,if not more than a multipack.
  • Sustainability/eco-friendly-Apples area natural product and by that nature they should have eco-friendly branding.  How or in what way does this fit in the project?
  • Look at branding across fruit market
  • how to target potential marathon runners - health/energy.  What would convince a marathon runner to try this out.
Some really useful advise came out of this Crit which triggered more focussed development toward the Marathon and also more consideration to the eco side of the packaging.

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