Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Progress crit -Top ten

Unfortunately due to working on the essay over the weekend I have not got far on with the storyboarding.  I was with James, Charlie, Marty, Yafet, Beth  

  • It was recommended I narrow the audience age range down however I think perhaps by choosing BBC4 to air the programme, may actually narrow my audience for me.  Chatting with the students at collge unless they are into music they dont seem to watch BBC4.  I think as the album covers and designers are from the sixties to present day it will definately be of interest to a wide age group who are interested in music and graphics.
  • I am definately aiming the programme to be more 'cultural education' than pure entertainment so dont think E4 fits.
  • Useful to perhaps target the ten sec TV idents to different age ranges using the musical genres. ie Rollingstones/Led Zep together
  • At this stage I still was not sure if a mash-up for the audio would be too much for sixty seconds however good to have the group re-enforce this idea.

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