Tuesday, 24 January 2012

After effects workshop 4

 Creating text directly in After Effects

Type tool
Click in the Composition window

Can format text in Character pallet

Double click on lyer to select all text

The anchor point is not in middle of layer but at the bottom left corner, This is the centre of rotation.

Can reposition the anchor point to the centre using the "pan Behind' tool manually move the anchor point to the centre.  Short cut 'Y'

Source text option

Source text allows us to change the content and /or the format of text over time.

Activate source text by clicking Stop watch
Creates Hold frames (square shaped)

Can you this to make text appear alomg...
Also can use to change colour, font, font size,style

To remove keyframes - move time indicator to end of key frames then press stopwatch.

Animate property
Can animate all usual transform properies.
plus fill colour, tracking and line spacing

Position - Now have two positions one in transform and one in text.

Specify how much of text is effected by teh animation
all moves
o % 
Only half moves

Other options

If for example change start to 40% and end to 60% effect just the middlw section
Can use 'offset' value to move the text eg set keyframe at -100% and one at +100%

This creates a Mexican wave effect.

Advance Options

Units  val uses % or Index for Start and end values

Give more control can specify the number of characters

Based on -  Characters or Characters excluding spaces
or Words or Lines (eg if working with Paragraphs)

Mode - Overlapping characters that are different colours (blend modes)
Amount-  Changes the amount of the property u have changed Can go positive and ngative above and below the line.

Smoothness - Interpolation - Does not show the movement if 0

Animate on Scale

Animate select scale
Each character scales around its own anchor point

This applies to scale and rotation

Use more options - To chnage how scale applied.  USe Acnchor point Grouping - choose from 'Character, Word, Line and All

So for example change the SCale %
Range selector - use characters in Advance menu (not %)
Create offset keyframes with '-' and '+' values

Add additional properties to the animator

Adding Spacing - Select Tracking

Adding another property to the animator - Colour - fill colour RGB

Can use the Advanced property - Smoothness - if reduce to o% then will restrict the change to just one character - dont fade out.

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