Thursday, 19 January 2012

Type workshop

We looked at each others typeface key characteristics.  The layouts were quite impressive. Good use of white space,  Be interesting to crit in 10 weeks.

Graham discussed which letters were most common for representing the key characteristics of atypeface. The ones which provide room for flourish ie with tails, the ascenders and descenders.  So J, a, `R.

Serif fonts often appear the same as a block of text however on closer inspection they have completely different shapes and form.  This was quite apparent comparing Times New Roman and Century.

First exercise
Selecting a tone of voice - How the message is communicated.
Brand names are a good example where the typeface selection can describe what a company wants to say about themselves - one word 

Think about typeface, form, case weight.
What product could it sell?

Century makes me think traditional and intelligent.  Initially though John Lewis then thought Waterstones as books traditional and intelligent.

Conversely we had to chose a Brand which was not suited to the typeface.
I chose iPhone as this is Contemporary and Modern.

Some deliberately used lowercase to indicate the unsuitability also.
Purely typeface can communicate so much.

Exercise 2

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