Thursday, 19 January 2012

After Effects tutorial

Tips with Sound

  • Can be purely ambient, literal or for narration.
  • Reinforce the graphics
  • Decide what you want to communicate through the graphics
  • Avoid songs which already have strong visual associations unless deliberate.
  • Importance of synchronisation
  • Rock is hard to animate to
After Effects importing sound

Import MP4, drag and drop into composition,  can key frame volume in and out.  If Waveform goes into the red/tellow is too lound reduce DB

Use Ctl8 to mark out beats on Sound Track.

Aiff/wav not compressed whereas MP3 and MP$ are.  Keep same format.

Other tips

Dont use 300dpi resolution images in AE as will slow everything down - too large . Use 72 dpi.

Composition Label layers in Photoshops to ensure they are clear in After effects.

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