Thursday, 19 January 2012

Finalising the Design direction and content for the Top Ten

The content was not about a 'top' ten as such it was more identifying links between iconic Graphic designers and artists of album covers.  They would each be represented by one iconic album and an easily recognisable soundbite. 
The priority was to be accurate with the links between the designers which would be conveyed through the order of the Moving image.  The music used was off the albums represented.

When making the decision about who to choose I went for either the most historically iconic or for more present day designers the ones who are operating succesfully in the Design world.  Some were practical choices in terms of I had the albums so could scan the artwork in and also use the music.:

1. Andy Warhol - Sticky Fingers.  Track Brown sugar  

2. Peter Corriston - Led Zepplin Physical Graffiti Track - Kashmir - Ditinctive beat, recognisable.
Link to Rolling Stones as he designed 'Some Girls' 

3.  Hipgnosis - Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the moon.  Track "Money" again distinctive beat and sound.  
LINKS -Both Hignosis and Peter Corriston have worked on both Led Zep.albums

4.  Barney Bubbles- Ian Dury Hit me with your Rhythm stick (originally Elvis Costello Armed Forces however this image lent itself to 'move' more)  
Links with Pink Floyd through sixties counter culture, performing at Middle Earth and UFO clubs.

5.  Malcolm Garrett - Buzzcocks - Ever fallen in love (Considered Duran Duran but liked the connection that he used a pastiche of Marcel Duchamp's  Fluttering Hearts  to create the hearts

Links with Barney Bubbles as worked with him briefly at Radar records. Both Malcolm and Peter Saville cite him as a huge influence on them.

6.  Peter Saville New Order - Blue Monday. 
Links with Malcolm Garrett as they are friends and studied at Manchester Poly together

7.  Mark Farrow - Pet Shop Boys Actually - Track - Its a sin

Links with Peter Saville as they both worked at Factory Records. (originally was going to use the Spiritualised pill packet cd but this track was more recognisable and fitted with the electronica from New Order.)

8.  Ray Lowry/Pennie Smith The Clash London Calling Track London Calling.  

Links with Barney Bubbles - sixties counterculture press Frendz and International times  .  Pennie Smith said it was Barney who encouraged her to pick up a camera.  This was one reason I originally planned to use a 'map' visual as there are two links to Barney however I was able to 'rewind the footage in After effects which proved really effective.

8 Ben Drury and Futura 2000 - Unkle Psyence Fiction Track -Remix of Ian Brown Falling (off the album and worked well with planned moving image)

Link - Futura 2000 was a Graffiti artist who toured with the Clash in the USA providing spray painting backdrops as they performed.  

10. Ben Drury - Dizze Rascal - Bonkers  Linked to Futura through the Mo Wax label and subsequent projects.  
Liked the idea of using this track as it brought the Designers and music  up to date.

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