Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Plan - creating assets ready to import in AE

By the 12th Jan I had experimented with the Sticky fingers idea and animated it for the progress crit.  At the time I was not sure whether to take the moving image this way however once I had chosen all the Albums I now could visualise how to make each one move in a similar fashion.

With The Led Zep album cover I tried tracing it in Illustrator however the actual scanned album did work better.  I found the nearest font to the Physical graffiti was Lucida Bright Demibold.  I used this as  a strating point then manipulated each letter in Illustrator to recreate the desired effect so I could spell Peter Corriston.

In Photoshop I created colour fill adjustment layers to 'darken' the windows gradually.

The next step was to ensure I had created all the assets for each of the other Album Cover.  I scanned the albums in where I could as this provided a more authentic feel than photographs.  I used a variety of techniques in both Illustrator and Photoshop.

Pink Floyd

The inspiration for this was obviously the front cover but also the 'soundwave' on the inside of the cover. Initially I tried to create a screen wip effect to make the script handwriting 'appear'.

However Lorraine directed us to a  tutorial how to write text on i After effects so I followed this to produce the effect I eventually came up with.  I actually recreated the Darkside of the moon in Photoshop as it was easier to manage the transition to 'Hipgnosis', 

The other images were mainly manipulated in Photoshop.  Where I was replacing text with Designers names I tried to work out the closest match to the original Album cover so the effect was quite cryptic and would only be noticed by people in the 'know'.

I also labelled all the layers which proved essential when importing to Aftereffects.

I used the magic brush to cut various heads from other photos and album covers to create the PetShop boys sequence. 

Deciding on the music selection was crucial before I started moving images.  To keep the whole project authentic I only selected tracks off the albums used.  As I have between 4 and 6 seconds per album cover max I chose the most recognisable parts of songs and with as simple a rhythm as possible.

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