Thursday, 26 January 2012

Type workshop week 3

We discussed our Brand choices:

The best examples :

  • Identified details
  • Interesting to see the material in context (substrates)
  • Interesting to understand the history/context -opportunity to explain
  • Technical analysis - construction and terminology
  • Use bullet points and arrows rather than paragraphs to describe
  • Critical engagement - deconstruct the type - What are the characteristics of the product- Do they fit?  What does it really mean?
  • Eg Serif - aithority, make connections
Ideas for Type journal

Look at Yellow pages ads
Record clever pieces of design

Exercise - 550 words
A5 flyer double sided

Hierarchy  - What will grab their attention
Think purpose. who for, what is important in that context.

Promotional -event

Which info will go on which side


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