Sunday, 8 January 2012

Top ten things research/plan

Ideas for the programme:  The story behind the Top ten Album covers and their designers
or Ten Faces you should know who designed Album Covers or Top ten designers of album covers.
or Ten links between art, design and music.

The programme would be aimed at audiences of either BBC4 or Sky Arts

The audience would be music lovers, Vinyl collectors and Graphic Designers.

I already have extensive research into Album Covers and Graphic Designers from the first year brief Collection 100 which are linked here on Design context and Design practice

I also explored linking them together as a rough draft as below:

I have followed this up with some more research. I asked people if they could name a Graphic designer of Album Cover Art and also to give me their favourite Album Cover and designer if they know it.  This was not very well responded to however it has provided some more leads. 

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