Tuesday, 24 January 2012

After Effects workshop 5

  • Additional key framing techniques
  • Simplifying compositions by 'grouping' layers together
  • How to add sound to the compositions.
Can apply these techniques to any layers
Working with accelaration and decelaration

Easing in and easing out

Select the first keyframe
Animation menu
Key frame asst.
Ease out to accelerate away from he key frame

To ease in select last keyframe

To ease in and out select both first and last key frames then select Easy Ease

Using the Graph Editor

On the toolbar select Graph editor

Gives and opportunity to change the speed 
Can deselect keyframes using handles

Can use purely the Graph Editor instead of easing out/in

Select solid layer then double click elipse to create a elipse
Consider how the object will rotate around the acbchor point
Use the Pan behind tool (y) select anchor point then move as appropriate

Simplify compositions using multiple layers and groups

Parent/Child relationships

Allows you to link layers together
Ensure the layers are positioned how you want them to appear

Establish parent/child relationship using the parent drop down menu next to the layer switches.

The drop down menu shows each of the other layer names.

Select the parent for each layer as relevant
The child layer can be animated independently however always bound to the parent.

Reminer- to get object to follow path - AUTO-ORIENTATE

Can use Rove across time for key frames

Nesting Compositions inside each other
or can create a new comp then nest into a 'main comp.

Sound files  -AIFF or WAV
fixed length
use RAM preview to playback sound
Ensure when add to render queue that audio output switched on as below

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