Monday, 31 October 2011

Final project rationale

Five print formats (sizes)

Mock ups of packaging up to A2 size
Banners would be up to 1.5 metre wide and 7 metres long
Bags on A0 sheets

Five print methods
Digital for mock ups
Ideally UV litho for polypropylene 
Maybe pad printing if I chose the moulded 'egg boc' gray board pulp design
For posters and banners - Flexography 
Labels could be litho
Paper bags could be flexo

Print considerations - print runs, 3D stand, Leaflets, how many?

Bags - 2000
Banners - 4
Reusable bagging - 5000
2 spot colours to keep costs down

Stock - explore reuseable, recyclable eco friendly materials.

No special finishes as too expensive for apples.  coated papers so colours vibrant.

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