Monday, 31 October 2011

Context, Concept, ideas and samples boards and group crit

Peer Feedback

Concept crit - Good is:


Lots of research - stats/facts, well informed
Clear delivery
Thought of different print

Areas for improvement

Amount of packaging

Additional comments

Is the message an Eco mssage or supporting British?

Good is... Concept paper feedback

I feel like at this stage, compared with others in my Crit group my concept and ideas are well developed however it would have been useful to have had feedback off people who had similarly developed their ideas.
The feedback was really positive due to the amount of research I have carried out but it would have been useful to have more feedback on areas for improvement.  
The point about 'do people really care where there apples are from' is an interesting one.  My target audience is older than the crit group aged 25 to 45 so they could be more interested.  I did not really think that hard about the whole English apple/how far they had travelled until I started this brief!  So perhaps there is a need for something educational/ raising awareness of the issues.... Although I don't want my concept to address this other than through the branding and promotion of the Sweetie Apple.


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