Thursday, 20 October 2011

Typography workshop 2

Introducing the basic principles

The tone of voice - communicating emotions through Serif or sans serif, Case, typeface, weight, fine or bold, the position on page, Point size.

Kerning - The space between the letters
Useful to provide a visual even space, to create consistency.  It is the AREA between the letters in a single word

Software generates space automatically.

The importance of the space between the letters and allowing the word to sit comfortably in its own space needs to be perfect for Logos and brand names.

Kerning your first and second name

The starting point is always the largest space. ie for GRAHAM the starting point is between the A and H.

If the large space is obvious then does need kerning.  

Never negative kern

L and A are bad letter combinations.

Don't have to kern every letter leave at least 2 unchanged

The Hierarchy of the message
Order of the information

Graham tried a few exercise some screen where we had to really look with our eyes and not allow our brain to think.
In this example people tend to look at two first, at the centre of the screen with the space around it.

Size, position, and weight can contribute to hierarchy.

You look at four first however you read one, two, three

Layout is crucial to Graphic Design.

We read the shape of the word not necessary for each letter.

Your brain reads the easiest thing first ie Lowercase is easier to read than uppercase.

In this example would probably read two first.

How do you get to read the sentence into two lines?

Rule - Always break the sentance where there is a natural pause.

Task one First name san serif upper case/ Last name serif upper case

Task two a short proverb or song lyric 6 or 7 words.  Play about with size /weight to get you to read the text sequentially.

Task three break the above into two lines

To thine own self
be true,

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