Sunday, 9 October 2011

Concept development - Logo & Packaging

I vectored the crown in Illustrator however the effect was not as effective as the hand drawn version. When I scaled the crown down I realised it was also too busy.

I decided to go back to the drawing board, literally, with the Crown design and hand drew so more ideas.  I was concerned the design was at risk of being perceived as 'Juicy Couture' or Budweiser 

I took inspiration from some Barney bubbles designs:

I adjusted Hobo's path as the starting point for the 'w' crown

After hand rendering some more logos and also after Grahams workshop on type I decided to look at a more traditional serif font rather than a stylised one.  I chose Modern 20 as I think it has the same grace and elegance as the scripted fonts.

The 'i' dot was too big so I played about with different sizes and placing of this.  I also experimented with changing the shape of the 'i'.   I also decided as the w was quite sharp that I would make the ascenders, finials, serifs and ligatures sharper on the other letters by removing some anchor points. 

The mid-line of the crown did not flow well with the e's cross bar so brought this in line.

I then experimented with different colour combinations.  I used the blue and green from the Cooperative's website.  I used red and yellow as Fred advised us this colour combination can make you hungry.  I like the green alone as the Apples are red so if a green label was used the colours would make each other more vibrant.  I like the yellows connotation with the sun.  I tried red, white and blue as its relationship with the union jack makes people think of Britain 

The apple blossom was a last minute bit of inspiration after I realised the 'logo' looked like a petal.  I was really please with this effect but ran out of tome trying to refine this design.  It ended up having all the different ideas together which I know before the crit was too busy.

I chose to use tints with this design as because of the red and green this was at risk of looking like Christmas wrapping paper

I tried this design with the 'co-op' blue and green colours which I think is effective aesthetically however it does not have an 'apple' connotation.

As this design evolved I imagined that I would be able to print the bottle package on opaque polypropylene, the design would have to be litho or screen printed. I can imagine being able to see the red apples through the packaging.

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