Monday, 17 October 2011

The Co-op reply about The Sweetie Apple

Sean mentions EWT, another apple grower.  There website states that 1 in 9 apples sold in Britain is supplied by them. They source fruit from all over the world and import and distribute in the UK.

What does 40 tonnes of apple equate to?

The first season is expected to produce 40 tonnes of apples.  How many apples is this?  
I calculated that there are 2000 pounds in a tonne which equates to 80,000 pounds.
one carton of apple = 80 apples and weighs on ave 40 pounds
So the first harvest should produce about 160,000 apples. 

I would propose to give away 10,000 apples to launch the product.  This could give people a chance to taste the apple and embed it in the market.

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