Friday, 7 October 2011

150 Logo crit

We chose the top ten logos from the 150 logos hand drawn.

In groups of five we crited another group of five's logos and then had to choose the best one.

The logo chose for me is the first left below:

The feedback I received back is summarised below:

-Liked the English script
-'Royal 'Royal apples'
- Juicy couture or Budweiser inspired?
-Target market , women - maybe make a little more masculine or aim for a wider target audience
- Maybe change the crown to an apple
-Also like the logo below it (maybe combine)
-Although relate to sports, interpret sports into it?

I was pleased with the groups choice as this was one of the later designs where I had started to research Royalty, crowns and  superior brands.  i want the Sweetie to be seen as a 'winner' and a cut above the 'Pink Lady'

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