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Sweetie apples and The Cooperative Farms

As I was struggling to find any more about the Sweetie apple in the UK I have written to the Coop Farms asking for more info and have received a response (my mum always said you don't get if you don't ask!)

Lisa Whitaker to Jane
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Dear Jane

Thanks for responding to my email.  I am sorry you could not access the link.  I have joined the Fresh Info website so maybe this is why the link works for me.  As requested I have pasted the article into a Word doc.

Best regards

Dear Lisa

Thank you for your enquiry. I am just getting one of our farm managers to answer your questions. I have tried to visit the link you sent but can't access it - please can you copy and paste into a word doc and I will have a look at the article?

Kind regards,



Jane Parker
Brand Manager
1st Floor
Dantzic Building
Dantzic Street
M60 0AF
Telephone: 0161 246 2167
Mobile: 07525 389251
Facsimile: 0161 827 5437

From: Lisa Whitaker []
Sent: 27 September 2011 19:38
To: Customer Relations
Subject: The Sweetie apple and Cooperative Farms


I would appreciate if you could forward this enquiry to the appropriate department.

As a Graphic Design student in my second year at Leeds College of Art I am currently working on a Design for Print brief in connection with apples, specifically apples grown in England.  My research has led me to an apple called the Sweetie apple.  An article from FreshInfo from November 2010 states the apple will be grown by Cooperative Farms from Winter 2011.

(Link to article :

The reason for my email is the concept for this brief will be to either design the Brand and Identity for the Sweetie apple or the Package and Promotion, possibly both.  Strong branding and promotion made the French Golden Delicious in the 70's and 80's and more recently The Pink Lady apple's success speaks for itself.

I would appreciate , if possible, if you can confirm that Freshinfo report is correct?
If so would you be able to provide:
Any further information about the apple, expected yield and taste.  The projected yield in the report of 30-40 tonnes would be quite a large proportion of apples produced in England.
The location of the orchards 
Your target audience for the apple.  
Do Cooperative farms only supply fruit to Cooperative shops or do they sell to other supermarkets?
 Also, any information regarding your Fruit Packaging policy to strengthen my research would also be appreciated.   

Thanks and regards

Lisa Whitaker


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