Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Package workshop and crit

This task proved a real challenge in terms of my current vectoring and Illustrator skills.  I spent quite a lot of time just vectoring and designing the logo. I also looked at several colour ways before I started the packaging design.  As a result the final outcomes were still being developed.  I also struggled with setting up the nets and also aligning the images so they would print off double-sided correctly.  Although I did not explore the different stocks and print finishes I was still reasonably pleased with what had been achieved over a short space of time.

The feedback from the Workshop was as follows:

Like the green
Colours are vibrant
Prefer the green on white designs (Mail shot net)
Like the bottle design (Very feminine)

Areas for improvement

The green writing in the red is really hard to read

Lots of different imagery slightly confused too many variations on the logo.

Use a more consistent design across the range 

double-sided prints not aligned

Additional comments

The writing could be centred on the red background
How would someone who is red/green colourblind interpret the design?
Prefer the tints less harsh
Could try to do the bottle net with a white background.

Try a different font
Two lines

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