Monday, 22 October 2012

Typo London International Design conference 2012/The Brief

This was a diverse and mind opening couple of days.  I plan to document each of the speakers (I went to see at Typo 2012) including background, the actual talks and my opinions/what I took from each.  In addition I plan to reflect on the Conference as a whole and what my thoughts as a designer are going forward.

I then plan to research various reviews/publications/blogs to determine the best vehicle and context in which to deliver this material.  At this stage the target audience for my outcome is Graphic Design students and tutors at Leeds College of Art.  In the name of humanity (Matthew Butterick) I hope to pass on the inspiration and knowledge I have soaked up.

In addition I hope to get contributions from the other BAGD students who attended Matt, Dom, Yafet and Oli.

That is not the end of the research as from each speaker there were threads of inspiration for other briefs which I intend to follow up.

I have also set up a survey which is mainly aimed at my target audience which is tutors and students on the BAGD  although I added the link to my followers on Twitter:
To encourage people to actually do the survey i chose to ask just three questions.  I wanted to know if Typo was actually on people's radar and also if they were actually interested in finding out more.  I also think it is important to not to assume what format to present the review in.

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